This is the right time to trade in your car and we're the right dealer

The value of used cars has skyrocketed and that's very good news if you're thinking about trading in your car. In fact, the average used car went up in value about 40% in the most recent year. That means the car you drive every day is probably worth a lot more than you think. That's why, at Sutton Chevrolet in Byron, GA, we're making our best trade-in offers ever and there's never been a better time to trade-in your car to us.

Fill out our Trade-In Appraisal form and get an amazing offer instantly

You don't have to leave home and drive your vehicle to our dealership. In fact, you don't even have to leave your favorite chair. You can fill out our simple Trade-In Appraisal form and get an incredibly attractive offer on your current car, truck or SUV in a matter of seconds. At Sutton Chevrolet, we're very actively looking for quality used vehicles from every carmaker and making our best trade-in offers ever.

If you like our online offer, come see us today

We believe you'll be very pleasantly surprised by how much we'll give you as a trade-in value on the car you're driving every day. If you've been wishing you could get something a little newer, a little more updated, this is the time to take that step. Just bring us a copy of that high trade-in offer along with the title to your car, your keys and your loan pay-off information. We can quickly confirm the offer and finalize the details at our dealership.

Our generous trade-in offer makes your next car much more affordable

Whether you'd like to buy a brand-new model or a quality pre-owned truck, SUV or sedan, we probably have what you need in stock. With the record-high amount we can give you right now in trade for your present vehicle, you'll end up with a huge trade-in discount on the car you want to drive next. Browse our online new or used inventory and start getting excited about the possibilities because they're definitely exciting.

Trading-in your car to us is a lot easier than selling it yourself

We've sometimes seen local car owners try to sell their own vehicles - hoping they might get a better price - and regret it later. When you sell a car on your own, you have to spend the time and/or money to get it thoroughly cleaned and detailed to compete with car dealers. You have to spend more time and/or money to make any needed repairs. Then you run an ad and hope some serious buyers show up, which they often don't.

We take care of the details and eliminate the risk

If you do get a buyer, you have to fill out the paperwork, hope you did it right and then hope the buyer's check doesn't bounce after he drives off with your car. When you sell to us, we take care of all the paperwork quickly and accurately because we do it every day. All you have to do is sign the documents and accept our generous trade-in offer. Once you have that from us, your next vehicle becomes much more affordable.

Get a great trade-in offer and drive away in your next great car

The process of trading-in your car to us can be simple, profitable and enjoyable. It makes the process of getting your next car much easier and much more relaxing. Take just a few minutes to submit our Trade-In Appraisal and have fun seeing how much your current car is worth. Then take advantage of the best time in history to trade-in your car on an exciting new or used car, truck or SUV at Sutton Chevrolet in Byron, GA.

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